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Sumter County is located in the heart of South Carolina, with the City of Sumter just 44 miles east of the state capital, Columbia. The deep-water ports of Charleston are located just 100 miles south, while the booming Greenville area is 145 miles northwest. One of the greatest stretches of beaches in the world, the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand is about 100 miles east of Sumter while the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Mountains are 175 miles northwest. In addition, Atlanta is 258 miles west of Sumter, and Charlotte is 105 miles north. Sumter is encircled by a modern highway system, including interstates 95, 20, 77, and 26. Sumter enjoys easy access to these interstates via four-lane U.S. highways.

The City of Sumter, which is the county seat, covers 11 square miles while the county covers 681 square miles with total land coverage of 436,100 acres.

The city and county of Sumter continue to grow at a manageable rate, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Sumter has led South Carolina for the past three years in per-capita job growth, and South Carolina has led the nation in the same category. Because of this high job growth, and the ensuing increases in the standard of living and per-capita income, as well as general U.S. population trends, that growth is expected to continue.

There are too many dining opportunities in and around Sumter to list here, but diners can choose from nearly 40 locally-owned restaurants serving everything from down-home southern barbecue to ethnic goods from places across the world, to more sophisticated dining fare.

One example: Situated on the banks of an old mill pond, the aptly-named Boykin's at the Mill Pond Restaurant takes visitors by complete surprise with its homey outward appearance, concealing a ritzy restaurant serving dishes like rack of lamb, blackened rib eye steak, and broiled swordfish.

Of course, in addition to our locally owned restaurants, visitors and residents can dine at all of their favorite fast food and chain "sit-down" restaurants including Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant, Redbone Alley, The Outback Steakhouse, and more.